About ASELL Universities

The ASELL project has five principal aims:

  1. To make available, via a database, materials relating to undergraduate science experiments which are educationally sound and have been evaluated by both students and academic staff.  These materials consist of everything needed to introduce the experiment into another institution, as well as evaluation data relating to both  the discipline and the educational aspects of the experiment;
  2. to provide for the professional development of science academics by expanding their understanding of issues surrounding learning in the laboratory environment;
  3. to facilitate the development of a community of practice of laboratory educators by providing mentoring in educational theory and practice, regular workshops, and a presence at scheduled education conferences;
  4. to provide a sustainable mechanism, through involvement of the Australian Council of Deans of Science, to embed this cultural change as standard institutional practice; and
  5. to conduct (by the Directors) and enable (by the participants) research into learning and teaching in the laboratory environment.

History of ASELL Universities

1999/2000 The Australian Physical Chemistry Enhanced Laboratory Learning (APCELL) Project was been designed to solve the problems in student learning in chemistry laboratories across all Australian universities. APCELL sought to bring together diverse physical chemistry educational expertise and resources from across all Australian universities to develop a suite of experiments which would facilitate improved student learning, taking into account the widely varying backgrounds and needs of students from different institutions. In effect, the intent was to overcome the resource constraints of individual university chemistry departments by treating the participants as if they belong to one big department.

2004/2005 The project grew to include all of chemistry and was renamed Australian Chemistry Enhanced Laboratory Learning (ACELL), retaining its aims and way of operating.

2009/2010 The Project expanded into all sciences and was renamed Australian Science Enhanced Laboratory Learning (ASELL), instruments and surveys were refined.

2014/2015 The project expanded into schools in partnership with engineering and was renamed Advancing Science and Engineering through Laboratory Learning (ASELL)

Through its history, grants have been received from various national funding agencies and the Australian Council of Deans of Sciences (ACDS).