About ASELL Schools

ASELL Schools is the most recent incarnation of the ASELL approach and focuses on science education at the High School level. ASELL Schools has been proud partner of the Australian Maths and Science Partnership Program (AMSPP) since 2014. As part of our engagement with the AMSPP we received a grant to conduct a three-year program to run workshops based in schools for both students and teachers, ending in March 2018. The map below shows the national impact of that project. The project was a resounding success and engaged a large number of teachers and students. Post AMSPP funding, ASELL Schools is delivering a series of paid workshops focused on the new HSC Physics syllabus. Visit the Workshops page to see the upcoming workshops.


You can find more information about the ASELL Schools project in the video below. This video, made in conjunction with the NSW Department of Education, explains the general approach taken in the project workshops.