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There are several different types of experiments available on this site, each described by a status.  These statuses are:

  • ASELL Experiment:  This experiment has completed all of the review and tested procedures of the ASELL project, and has been accepted into the database and for publication.  Details of such an experiment are freely available to any registered user.  To find out more about registration, click here.
  • Experiment Under Review:  This experiment has been submitted to ASELL for testing and review, and is presently moving through this process.  More details about this process are available here.  It is up to the submitters of experiments under review to decide whether to make their experiment available to registered users at the Ordinary or Academic levels, or to restrict access to only the ASELL management team.
  • Non-ASELL Experiment:  The submitters of this experiment have asked that it be made publicly available, but it has not undergone ASELL testing.  ASELL offers no guarantee as to the quality or feasibility of this experiment.

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  • Octahedral to Square Planar Transition in Nickel Chelates

    Posted: 08/02/2013 by

    The experiment investigates the equilibrium between the octahedral and square planar geometries in a nickel(II) complexes coordinated by...

    5492 views | 0 comments |
  • Volumetric analysis: Accuracy and precision of a pipette

    Posted: 08/02/2013 by Tamsin Kelly,Dijana Townsend

    This experiment is designed to introduce students to volumetric analysis, and in particular to develop the student’s skill of accurate...

    6693 views | 0 comments |
  • Chemical Reactions: Observing chemical changes

    Posted: 08/02/2013 by Tamsin Kelly,Dijana Townsend

    This experiment is designed for students who may have no chemistry background at all, as their very first general chemistry laboratory experience...

    11157 views | 0 comments |
  • Ion Exchange Chromatography

    Posted: 08/02/2013 by Sam Priest,Natalie Williamson

    Ion exchange chromatography is a critical analytical technique routinely used for the separation of compounds based on their charge for a wide range...

    4315 views | 0 comments |
  • Sunscreen

    Posted: 08/02/2013 by Adam Bridgeman

    This experiment introduces students to how sunscreens and sunglasses work. It also introduces the use of a UV spectrometer and the Beer –...

    2955 views | 0 comments |
  • Properties of Gases

    Posted: 08/02/2013 by Ron Clarke

    This experiment allows students to experience the behaviour of gases. In particular, students discover for themselves via the experiment the basis...

    3640 views | 0 comments |