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Water Purification

Posted on Jun 26 2017 by Katherine Harris, Doaa George

Tags: chemistry, filtration, water, separation, flocculation

Experiment Overview

In order for water to be safe for humans to drink, and to be pleasing to drink in terms of odour, colour and taste, it needs to be purified. 

Many types of scientists including civil, chemical and environmental engineers, chemists, health scientists and biologists work together to make existing water treatment systems better and to develop new water treatment systems.


The design of the Water Purification Learning Experience, is based on the 5E’s instructional model, to illustrate to teachers the different levels of inquiry possible in laboratory investigations and how these levels can be increased within a learning sequence to facilitate students accessing higher levels of inquiry. The overarching goal is to design the learning experience to be accessible to students across the full range of; ability, linguistic, cultural, socioeconomic and disability backgrounds whilst still being able to access higher levels of scientific inquiry. Written scaffolds are used to facilitate accessibility.



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