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Muscle Fatigue

Posted on Sep 18 2017 by Doaa George

Tags: biology, year 7-8, year 9-10, sport, anatomy, muscle, human body

Experiment Overview

The systems of the body are interrelated to the extent that no system can work on its own without the cooperation of the other systems. They all work together in harmony and the final product is a healthy body that can do both muscular and mental activities.

In this experiment, students will learn about the skeletal muscular system and correlate its functions to the respiratory system. In each cell in the body there is a powerhouse which supplies the body with the energy required to do its functions. This powerhouse is called the mitochondria. An important process happens inside the mitochondria called cellular respiration, where nutrients are broken down in the presence of oxygen giving carbon dioxide, water and energy. Because oxygen is part of this process, this cellular respiration is defined as aerobic respiration. However, if the oxygen supply is not sufficient, the cell undergoes another type of respiration called anaerobic respiration which creates lactic acid and much less energy than aerobic respiration, leading to muscle fatigue.

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