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Posted on Sep 20 2017 by Louise Lopes

Tags: chemistry, physics, year 7-8, year 9-10, friction, surface, glue, solvent

Experiment Overview

We see claims all the time that manufacturers make about their products. In this investigation, we will examine the packets of Blu-Tack and white tack, and put any marketing claims to the test! This investigation is simple, inexpensive and a great way to teach students the scientific method. While a basic framework is provided, students will have to think hard about how to conduct a fair-test.


This investigation has two parts. The first is at a prescribed level, while the second is at a guided open-inquiry level because students must write their own method and choose how to record and analyse their results. Various points for class discussion are suggested so that students are exposed to scientific theories that underpin their investigation, such as whether “stickiness” is a physical or chemical property. 


Discussing the topics of material composition and adhesives will allow students to understand how these materials make our lives better in so many ways. Students will also see how associated industries stay innovative by working collaboratively with research scientists. 

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