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From Water to Land - Algae, Mosses and Ferns

Posted on Mar 10 2011 by Alison Kellow and Dr Kim Plummer

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Tags: asell biology, plant biology

Experiment Overview

The organisms on Earth have a bewildering diversity of types. The aim of the lectures and practical classes on plant diversity, including this one, is to show students the variety of photosynthetic organisms from algae through to land plants. Students will also be introduced to the scientific ideas of classification and evolution that make this diversity understandable.

In this practical in particular students make observations of a variety of different alage from the three main phyla – reds, browns and greens – as well as mosses and ferns. With mosses and ferns the focus is on a comparison of the lifecycles and dispersal mechanisms as well as overall morphology. The prac aims to reinforce concenpt presented in lectures (the evolution of land plants from green alga) by direct observation of features of the lower land plants that support this hypothesis.

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