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2014 ASELL/FARLabs Schools Science Workshop

Are you interested in improving practicals? Are you curious about Freely Accessible Remote Laboratories (FARLabs) for schools?

Come along to the ASELL/FARLabs Schools Science Workshop. In this workshop you have the opportunity to gain first hand experience in using FARLabs. You will find out about how to improve student experiences of practicals and meet up with other teachers who are trying to revitalise their practicals. You will also learn about how to incorporate science inquiry into your practicals and test experiments that could be used with the new Australian Curriculum. This is a great opportunity to view a range of practicals in a "hands on" format and share ideas. This workshop will count towards VIC teacher identified PD.

We invite you to attend the 2014 ASELL/FARLabs Schools Science Workshop.

You are also invited to bring a student to gain insights from students’ perspective. It will be a place where teachers can talk to other science teachers and share ideas with like-minded people and hear from experts. More importantly, the workshop will be a way that teachers and academics can work together in improving science practicals and experiences for high school students.

Workshop Details

Date: Monday 7 April 2014
Venue: La Trobe University, Bundoora Campus, Victoria
Time: 8:30am-4pm
Cost: FREE. Register online by 31 March 2014 at

What is ASELL?

The decade-long Advancing Science by Enhancing Learning in the Laboratory (ASELL) project is recognised for its contributions towards improving undergraduate experiments.  Visit the website ( It is now expanding into schools with support from the University of Sydney and Curtin University with support from the Australian Council of Deans of Sciences. ASELL Schools aims to:
  1. Create a repository of practicals with all associated documentation; ranging from notes on health and safety, equipment, the science; and notes for teachers and technical staff.
  2. Provide authentic professional learning workshops on practicals in schools.
  3. Facilitate an interface and interaction between school and university staff.

What is FARLabs?

Through the establishment of a virtual laboratory network this project will bring the state-of-the-art facilities and world-class research of Australia’s Universities directly into our schools to engage high-school students with science and maths nationally. The primary goals are:
  1. The development of new laboratory projects with high-school access via our e-Virtual laboratory targeted at secondary years 7-12 which are fully integrated with our state-wide curriculum. Once the program is available nationally we will consider the curriculum of other states, and the impending national curriculum.
  2. The establishment of a website (including discussion forums) summarising the virtual experiences available, and including downloadable teaching materials and technical notes. This will allow students and teachers to choose a level of engagement appropriate for their needs and abilities.
  3. Promotion, demonstration, and explanation of the La Trobe e-lab project at schools within our local catchment areas (including regional schools near the Bendigo campus). This will be coordinated through the Quantum Victoria Physical Sciences cluster node.
  4. The expansion of the virtual lab project to other subject areas such as Agriculture and Molecular Sciences and to other Universities and expansion of project to a national level. This will build on existing networks, such as the Australian Institute of Physics and the Innovative Research Universities consortium.
More information about FARLabs can be found on the project website (


Want more information?

For further information about the workshop, please contact Alexandra Yeung on 9351 8715 or or Guido Cadenazzi at